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June 16, 2012
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BFOI Y2: Bird Keeper Jon by etesian BFOI Y2: Bird Keeper Jon by etesian
Jonís year 1 app: [link]
Jon's BFOI Y2 Tumblr: [link]

Wow. It feels like I only joined BFOI Y1 recently. But look how much Jon has changed. Itís actually super exciting to see how my style has changed and the way Jon has changed. So Iím sorry to my watchers who are sick of pokemon stuff, because I think these OCTs have helped me a lot, and I donít see them ending in the near future. However I will be trying to do some more original stuff.

But without further ado, Wall of text:

Bird Keeper:
Jon comes from a long line of trainers dedicated to the protection, breeding, and strengthening of flying type (specifically bird) pokemon. So naturally, Jonís pokemon are all birds. This bird keeper clan has a lot of odd policies, including that of pokemon trainer bonding. As a rule, no pokemon belongs to any one keeper, and they should not be trained to be loyal to any one keeper. The birds are usually initially trained by one keeper, and then given to another keeper to use for a while before being traded for another. (Roc and Harrier of his year one team were both given to others in Jonís family. Roc back to his original trainer, and Harrier to Jonís younger brother) And for the second year, this is the first time all the pokemon on his team are completely his. The reason he is able to keep them, is that they each have traits that make them ďdifficultĒ. This makes them undesirable to some. And ideal for Jon.

As a general rule, Jon doesnít like the Bird Keepers organization. He finds them too restrictive for a group that trains creatures that are symbols of freedom, and finds some of the traditions ridiculous. On more than one occasion Jon has brought up his concerns to his family. It wasnít always civil. Jonís family and the Bird Keeper clan is very traditional, and that Jon would have started rejecting ideas so long engrained brought his loyalty into question, alienating him. After a while, Jon stopped trying. He didnít care enough for it to be worth the effort.

Year One Summary:
Jon started off with some ambition, hoping that doing well in the competition would prove his worth. To himself and others. Show his team was fantastic, and that they could overcome the disadvantage of having such an unbalanced team. By the 4th round, Jon didnít want to go out into the rain and let the opportunity slip by. Since before he went to the islands, he loved a woman who represented everything he wished he could be. He cared for her more than he cared about anything for a long time. He never told her how he felt. She fell in love with someone else. Jon was left without the right to self-pity after losing someone that was never his to begin with.

Jon has a wall citadel of BS between himself and his actual feelings. Itís not hard to see, but there are only a few mohawked murder birds (and the like) that can just rip through it. Jon is sarcastic and blunt. Heís not purposefully mean, but there is nothing over the line he wouldnít dare criticize.

Jon has no secrets about himself. If asked directly, there is very little he wonít give a straight answer to, but he does sometimes choose not to answer questions. He wonít offer details, but if continually pushed, he will probably give more information than you cared to know. However, he will share absolutely none of his friendís or familyís secrets, no matter how trivial.

Jon will insult and criticize almost anything, his team his family his friends and so on. However, you are not allowed to. He insults the things he loves because he knows he loves them, and they know he loves them. If a stranger does it, he will defend his least favorite aspects of his loved ones to the end. Or if that is too much effort, punch them.

Around Jonís neck is a bird whistle. That whistle is Jonís primary tool for communication with his team in battle and flying. Shouting over the wind when flying can be difficult, so whistles work well in the air, and work well in battle as he can convey messages quickly and his opponent doesnít know what heís saying. A few years back, Jon made a code with different notes and whistles so that his pokemon and he could communicate on the same plane. Even when Jonís not using the whistle, he can understand more specifically what his pokemon are telling him. His team respects Jon and listens to him for the most part, but there is never any mistake that THEY are the ones battling. And THEY do the work.

Jon refuses to battle over personal issues, because he thinks itís cowardly for people to let their monsters fight their fights for them.

Species: Fearow
Egret is stubborn, angry, snappy and generally quite rude. While Jon tends to be a little more tactful with his criticisms, she will flat out insult people without provocation. She is disobedient, and naturally a handful. And she is Jonís best, closest friend.

Species: Noctowl
The years have caught up with this old girl. Her physical strength has faded, however her psychic strength has been honed. Although she doesnít have the raw power of her prime, she fights smart, and is quite resourceful. She is slowing down, but this granny isnít out just yet. She has trouble with the whistle code, so she communicates with her psychic powers.

Species: Swellow
Martlet truly believes he is one of the greatest things to have happened to the world. His ego makes a Rayquaza seem minuscule. He loves his plumage, he loves his personality, he loves the ladies, and they donít mind him. He thinks of himself as a romanticized knight in shining armor, and this makes him braver than he should be. With a desire to show off, Martlet tends to dive right into things without properly thinking them through. So heís more daring than many, and more moronic than most.

Species: Pidgeotto
Horus is incredibly kind natured. He is shy and loving and gentle, he is the opposite of Egret, and is almost too good natured for his own good. If his friends didnít stand up for him, heíd probably let himself get walked all over, and he dislikes fighting and battling. Jonís training for him tends to involve getting his self esteem up.

Species: Farfetchíd
Although the only member on Jonís team who has never been to the Ohana islands before, he doesnít feel left out. Stewart hasnít been there either, and Stewart is there to protect him. Peking is always alright with Stewart there. Most of the time, Peking is energetic, twitchy, and laughs at the most peculiar of things, but when heís in battle, his whole temperance changes as he becomes the ultimate duck samarai warrior. As you might have guessed, Peking has a few screws loose.

Species: Weighted Companion Leek
As well as being his greatest weapon, Stewart is Pekingís best friend. Heís quiet around other people and doesnít really move around much, but he serves as Pekingís voice of reason (oh that explains so much) and emotional support. Peking loves Stewart more than anything. And Stewart has started to grow on the rest of the team as well.

-On Jonís right hand is a glove used to hold small-medium sized birds so their talons donít rip his arms to shreds.
-On his left wrist is a metal band, like those given to every singe one of his pokemon with their nicknames and numbers for medical information. He wears one too as a sign that they are all equal.
-Jon has 5 siblings. A sister and 4 brothers. Among them he is the 4th oldest and 3rd youngest.
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FrostbredSoul Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
Hahaha! That leek is going to add a whole new level of "lolwut" to this contest, I can tell.

Great entry dude, I wonder what Porkubird has said or will say when/if she sees this! :XD:
etesian Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
We shall just have to wait and see~ ;3

Thank you very much! and oh, she knows. Porcu's character, Gracidea, is actually the girl in which Jon was in love but failed to properly confess to, and has since found her soul mate~
alpin-j Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012   Digital Artist
*commenting, possibly on everyone, if i like anything about their entry:
why stop at 5 pokemons six is an even number much better?
etesian Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
Because my entries tend to be more story and character based. These 5 pokemon all have planned personalities and histories, and are hard enough to balance as is, and I didn't want to force a new character for the singular purpose of having a full team. Secondly, my character is based on the NPCs of the game, who rarely have full teams. The number 6 is only better than 5 in value.

Plus this leaves an empty space for Stewart OuOb
alpin-j Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012   Digital Artist
wow total dedication
cool but you didn't have to explain me why
me on the other hand make my story as it goes it's more fun that way for me stuff can happen that i would normally not be able to plan.
Also i give more emphasis to the art rather than the story ( by art i mean drawing and painting since writing is art too :) )
spartan990 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
why does he not have a tumblr that I can stalk .___.
etesian Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
because I have not made one for him yet O3O
spartan990 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
etesian Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
I did. [link] there ya go.
spartan990 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Pffft, I been following you for days.

or so I thought
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